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Saad Hasan

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I am a practicing attorney who has been engaged in criminal, civil & corporate litigation and consultancy since 2011. I am an advocate of the High Courts with an experience of over 700 contentious cases before all categories of judicial for a. I have also been associated with the UoL alumni ambassador program since 2015 and regularly advise prospective students who approach me for advice on study technique, readings, what is required to be successful legal practitioner, what litigation is like, how a University of London degree can help them practice in Pakistan or other commonwealth countries and how the programme compares to other LLB degree programmes etc. As someone who has been a product of UoL external programme and has gone on to practice litigation the extent that I have renders me able to provide advice laced with personal insight to aspiring students and to anticipate and address their queries on how the degree programme would equip them to pursue their professional goals.