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Sharthani Muralitharan

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University of London LLB graduate now tackling the Bar course at the University of Law! As a fellow Malaysian alumni, I'm here to be your guide through the exciting world of the University of London LLB programme.

Here's what I can help with: 

  • Understanding the programme. Cracking open textbooks can be daunting! I can share insights on the structure, workload, and key resources to excel in the LLB programme. 
  • Life as a distance learner. Juggling studies and life? I've been there! Ask me about time management tips, staying motivated, and creating a healthy study routine as a distance-learner. 
  • Adapting to a global perspective. The University of London LLB offers a unique international outlook. I can share my experience of navigating legal systems from different countries. 
  • Preparing for the future. Wondering what comes after your LLB? I can chat about career paths for LLB graduates, including the Bar course journey I'm currently on!

Don't hesitate to ask. Whether you're a prospective applicant or a current student facing challenges, I'm here to offer support and guidance.