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Zara Qaiser

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Zara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of London and a Master of Philosophy degree in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge. She achieved a First Class Honours in her Bachelor’s degree and also received the Year 1 Achievement Award given to the top five Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences students in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka by the University of London International Programmes in 2014-2015. Zara currently works as a Youth Economic Empowerment Officer at the United Nations Development Programme in Pakistan. She has about two and a half years of experience in research, data analysis, and project acquisition and implementation across various subject areas in the development sector including gender, education and economic empowerment. Zara has also taught Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics to Bachelor of Science students enrolled in the University of London International Programmes. She is also an independent researcher and a contributor to various publications such as The Nation, The Diplomat and the Youlin Magazine.