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Zeneb Abid

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After completing my O-level and A-level from Headstart School Islamabad, I decided to pursue law as my career. I am a University of London Alumni holding Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws University of London Degrees from The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS) Islamabad and School of International Law (Islamabad). I have extensive teaching experience teaching diverse law subjects of both LLB and LLM programmes of University of London in Pakistan. Subjects taught by me include competition law, Islamic law, world trade law, human rights law and international economic law. Additionally, I also have extensive managerial work experience in corporate legal practice in various renowned law public sector organizations like Pakistan LNG limited (Ministry of Energy) and Ignite (Ministry of IT and Telecom) in Pakistan. Being an academic high achiever and excelling in the world class education law programmes of University of London with the help of University of London and my academic institutes has greatly contributed towards my career growth and success.