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Reduce the Juice: Connect

Welcome to Reduce the Juice: Connect! We are the online sustainability engagement programme from the University of London.

Reduce the Juice: Connect

Welcome to Reduce the Juice: Connect! We are the online sustainability engagement programme from the University of London.

About the project

Our goal is to give students and staff the knowledge and skills to become advocates for sustainability and to connect students across London and around the world, so that we can take action together to create a sustainable global future.

Take part in our webinars, challenges and competitions, and learn how to make a difference to the planet through your daily actions.

Our webinars

Each month during the academic year, Reduce the Juice: Connect will focus on a different sustainability theme. We’ll host a live webinar, introducing you to important sustainability issues such as biodiversity loss, sustainable fashion, and climate anxiety in a time of increasing climate instability.

We’ll focus on what we can do in everyday life and within our communities, to reduce our impact on the planet and be part of positive change.

You can sign up to our webinars on Eventbrite

Webinar attendees please refer to our Code of Conduct

Our competitions

Each month, you’ll be invited to take part in a sustainability competition to show how you’ve put your knowledge into practice. Each month we’ll select and announce a winner to receive an exciting sustainable prize and an optional opportunity to interview for our YouTube channel. Honourable mentions will also be selected and announced. 

Our #RtJtakeaction challenges

Each month, we will challenge you to show us what you’re doing to live sustainably by tagging us on social media or emailing us.

Who can take part?

Anyone can attend our webinars. This year you are encouraged to take part if you attend the University of London Worldwide, the University of London Institute in Paris, you live in one of the University of London’s intercollegiate halls of residence or you are a University of London Staff member.

The Sustainability Advocate Award

What is the Sustainability Advocate Award?

The Sustainability Advocate Award attests the green skills you gain from taking part in our competitions and #RtJtakeaction challenges. You’ll get an official certificate to evidence your commitment to sustainability, and this will be a great addition to your CV, Linkedin page, or professional profile.

The Sustainability Advocate Award is tiered, so the more engaged you are the better the award you’ll receive:

  • Bronze = three competitions + three challenges 
  • Silver = four competitions + four challenges  
  • Gold = five competitions + five challenges 
  • Platinum = six competitions + six challenges

How to achieve the Sustainability Advocate Award

  1. Attend at least three webinars during the year 
  2. Take part in at least three competitions
  3. Take part in at least three #RtJtakeaction challenges

And you’ll receive a Sustainability Advocate Award from the University of London at the end of the academic year!

Deadline: 31 May 2023

Who can achieve the Sustainability Advocate Award?

Students and staff members at the following institutions are eligible to receive a Sustainability Advocate Award: University of London, University of London Worldwide, University of London Institute in Paris. You are also eligible to receive a Sustainability Advocate Award if you live in University of London Intercollegiate Halls.

Get involved

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Privacy notice

Please refer to our privacy notice.

Plastics, is there more to the issue? webinar

Reduce the Juice: Connect Plastic

We took the discussion beyond handy replacements for single use plastics by delving into some of the bigger culprits in our waste system and discussed how plastic could be distracting us from wider climate issues.

Greenwashing who is truely delivering on their promises? webinar

Reduce the Juice: Connect Greenwashing

Everyday another company, individual or government makes a fantastic claim recognising the climate crisis we are in and sets lofty targets on how they will fix the situation. In this webinar explained what greenwashing is, named and shamed some case studies of greenwashing, discussed how we can research claims of positive environmental action and discussed how you can call out the culprits.

Sustainable Food webinar

Reduce the Juice: Connect Sustainable Food

We took a look at why our food system isn’t working- not for nature, not for the climate and not for adequately feeding the world’s population. We explored what we can do to eat more sustainably in our everyday lives and support a fairer and ecologically-sound food system– from reducing meat and animal products, to buying local and ethical produce, to making sure none of the food we buy is wasted.

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