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The University of London Press aims to open up humanities research, developing innovative open access publishing models, providing training for researchers and collaborating with partners across the higher education, cultural and publishing sectors. 

The University of London Press is built on a legacy of more than 100 years of publishing. Now, as an integral part of the School of Advanced Study, its mission is to open up humanities research. It takes a leading role in shaping new publishing approaches for the benefit of UK researchers, and it does this with a global outlook.

The University of London Press publishes up to 25 books each year, the majority of which are open access. This means more people than ever can access high-quality research, regardless of income and geography. To date, these open access books have been downloaded over a million times in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. All its books go through a rigorous peer review process to ensure they are of high-quality.

The University of London Press is an advocate for humanities research. In particular, its publishing programme focuses on books that:

  • open up new research agendas
  • explore the future of humanities disciplines
  • highlight the value of humanities research in tackling contemporary challenges

The Press is committed to representing the specific needs and perspectives of humanities researchers in wider discussions about the future of academic publishing and open research.

As well as being an expert and creative publishing partner, the University of London Press also supports researchers to navigate the complexities of the publishing industry through its extensive training programme and guidance.

As a non-profit publisher, the University of London Press receives funding through the School of Advanced Study. This places it in a unique position to be able to experiment with new publishing models and pioneer enhanced open access books. 

The Press is continually working to build collaborative relationships with other higher education, cultural and publishing organisations and are sharing their new vision for humanities publishing so that the wider sector can learn from and build upon these models.

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