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Centre for Online and Distance Education

Student Fellows

Our Student Fellows support CODE projects by carrying out specific tasks in agreement with a CODE Fellow supervisor.

This is an initiative whereby University of London distance learning students are given the opportunity to gain transferable skills through collaborating with CODE Fellows on current projects funded by the Centre. Typical topics include:

  • Educational research
  • Development of student support material
  • Project or resource evaluation
  • Focus group and other data gathering activities.

Our Student Fellows support CODE projects by carrying out specific tasks in agreement with a CODE Fellow supervisor, such as:

  • Developing resources
  • Evaluating education-related resources based on agreed criteria
  • Collecting/analysing data
  • Conducting interviews
  • Undertaking a literature review
  • Conducting a survey
  • Recruiting project participants.

Interested students complete an application form which includes providing supporting statements about:

  • Reasons for wanting to become a Student Fellow
  • Relevant experience in performing research tasks and match with the specific projects described in the application pack
  • Relevant achievements and skills
  • Skills to be developed as a student fellow and how undertaking a student fellowship would enhance academic, professional and personal development.

Student Fellows and projects

What our Student Fellows say

Serving as a CDE fellow was an excellent opportunity to enhance my research skills and build relationships with faculty across the University of London system. I learned practical skills, including survey creation and research development, that enhances my own MSc. work. I also appreciated connecting with other University of London students. Particularly as an online international student, the program deepened my connection to the University of London and showed me the breadth of research developed by the institution. I encourage anyone who is interested in inter-disciplinary research with an online focus, as well as observing and collaborating with world-class researchers, to apply to be a CDE fellow.

Tiffany Tupper, Student Fellow 2020

I definitely feel part of the project as my input is valued and praised and [my supervisor] is extremely supportive and encouraging. With that said, the rest of the staff at CDE and UoL that have facilitated the project thus far have been extremely helpful and pleasant to work with.

Jonathan Jagessar, Student Fellow 2020

It has been interesting to see how research projects can evolve… and the structure of proposals. I would recommend other students getting evolved as it is interesting to see the inner workings of a research group.

Oskar Enmalm, Student Fellow 2020