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Discover Senate House Library's unique collections with our digital galleries

An image including (left to right) an image of frogs and lizards, a photograph of a woman and an illustration of a black cat

Digital galleries

Discover Senate House Library's unique collections with our digital galleries

A brown tabby cat

The Cat's Pyjamas

To mark Senate House Library’s and University College London’s conference on the significance of cats in culture and society, we present cats from across the Library’s collections from Horace Walpole's tragic Selima to Puss-in-Boots in pantomime. The items show the range and variety of felines that stalk the stacks.

A pressed seaweed sample

Exploring Environmental Humanities

A gallery with a selection of items from Senate House Library's collection to inspire study and research into the field of environmental humanities

Sketch of a Proposed Hall of Residence for 50 Women students, June 1882

Highlights from the College Hall Archive

Browse a series of highlights from the College Hall Archive on display in the Membership Hall of Senate House Library for Women's History Month 2023

A coloured map depicting a green countryside landscape with clouds and a river from an aerial view

A Thousand Words for Weather

Alongside the audio installation A Thousand Words for Weather, the exhibition 'Weather Notes' of historical items chosen from Senate House Library’s collections offers a glimpse into different perceptions, recordings, and observations regarding the weather over the past 500 years.

An album of cigarette cards depicting magic tricks


Discover Senate House Library's holdings on the history of magic from the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature

An open wooden box with two trays in which a set of seals and statues are supported by velvet cloth.


Explore the numerous artefacts collected by Senate House Library to support teaching, to record the history of the University of London, to honour their original owners or simply as curiosities.