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Terms and Conditions for Library Membership Cards and PaperCut

Terms and Conditions for Library Membership Cards and PaperCut

The terms and conditions for the use of the Membership Card provide a clear framework for administration, issue and use of the card and apply to all users of Senate House Library. Initially the two main areas where this will be used are photocopying and printing.

Upon using their Membership Card a user will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

1. Use of the Membership Card

1.1 Users may use their Membership Card for the following services:

  • to borrow items from Senate House Library
  • to print and photocopy in University libraries, using pre-loaded credit;

1.2 The card is not covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and these terms do not entitle students to any purpose other than stated in 1.1 above. The card is not a credit card and all use is limited to the amount of pre-loaded and standing credit on it and any other limits referred to in these terms and conditions.

1.3 There is no interest payable to users on the credit balance of the card and it does not amount to a deposit with the Library.

1.4 Users are solely responsible for the management of the credit balance on their card.

1.5 Users must carry their card at all times when in the Library and must produce the card at the reasonable request of a University official.

1.6 Users are only permitted 3 temporary tickets. On the fourth occasion users will have to pay £5 for a replacement card.

1.7 Should University of London members arrive at the library without their card, entrance will only be permitted on production of a valid college ID.

2. Loss, theft or misuse of the Card

2.1 Users must take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, theft or misuse of their card.

2.2 Users must never knowingly attempt to use their card in any device which has not been approved for the purpose of the card.

2.3 Users must not lend their card to anyone to allow them to gain unauthorised access to Library facilities.

2.4 If a card is lost, stolen or otherwise liable to be misused, students must co-operate and provide reasonable assistance to the Library, the police and any other persons the Library reasonably directs them to. If a user can produce a crime number in respect of a lost or stolen card then there will be no charge for a replacement.

2.5 Any losses incurred as a result of the card being lost, stolen or misused shall be borne solely by the cardholder. The Library shall bear no responsibility, financial or otherwise, except to the extent that it is proved to have acted negligently in respect of that loss.

2.6 Whenever a card is used, it shall be presumed that the transaction has been undertaken by the rightful owner in all circumstances.

2.7 In circumstances where a card has been lost, a replacement will be issued by the Library at a cost of £5 payable by the user.


3. Faulty or damaged cards

3.1 Users must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the card does not become damaged.

4. Evidence

4.1 In the event of a dispute, the Library may rely fully on the data held on the card or associated account and related hardware as conclusive evidence of transaction history.

4.2 The University may also rely on any data on the card as conclusive evidence of the matters recorded in them and that the transactions described by them actually occurred.

5. Disclosure of information

5.1 The Library may share information held on the card and related hardware concerning users and their use of the card with appointed agents:

  • to provide users with the service applied for; or
  • to help resolve a complaint, for analysis and/or management information; or
  • for purposes of fraud prevention, audit or debt collection; or other cardholders, but only where it is considered necessary for resolution of fraud or dispute, which will be done in accordance with the current data protection legislation.

6. Termination or suspension

6.1 Where it is considered that there are reasonable grounds for doing so, the Library may suspend or terminate the use of a card at any time without prior notice.

6.2 The Library reserves the right to withdraw all cards, suspend some or all of the services related to them or replace the cards with one or more alternatives at any time and without prior notice to users.

7. Card Issue

7.1 All Users will be issued with a card.

7.2 Any unused credits are non refundable or transferable.

8. Additional conditions

8.1 Nothing in these terms and conditions will confer on any third party any benefit under, or the right to enforce, any of these terms and conditions.

8.2 The Library may assign any of its rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to any other person or business, subject to such party continuing the obligations in these terms and conditions.

8.3 These terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts, and construed in accordance with the laws, of England and Wales

9. Print credit

9.1 The Library does not issue refunds for unused print credit.  You are advised to use all outstanding credit before your card expires. For additional information please view our Print Terms and Conditions.