Strategy 2020-25

Centres of Excellence

A key element of our strategy is to draw on the University’s unique expertise, experience and connections to develop Centres of Excellence on topical issues of common interest.

Centres of Excellence

A key element of our strategy is to draw on the University’s unique expertise, experience and connections to develop Centres of Excellence on topical issues of common interest.

The Centres are borne of identified challenges that would benefit from collaboration to produce new ideas and  knowledge that will increase influence, and promote change and innovation.

Their purpose is to:

  • facilitate active networks and communities of practice in areas of critical importance to the sector and public life
  • share best practice and intelligence
  • devise and run joint initiatives that enhance the student opportunities
  • develop research collaboration cross London’s Higher Education Institutions, across the UK, and/or internationally
  • consolidate resources where appropriate.

Centre for Distance Education

Building on the University’s 155 years’ of experience in distance education, this centre will provide a focus for the development of high quality teaching and research in flexible and distance learning for students nationally and internationally.

The Centre will foster and evaluate pedagogic, technological and organisational innovation, disseminating good practice among practitioners of distance education within Member Institutions and more broadly.

Our expertise and worldwide networks will continue to provide a vehicle for education diplomacy and shared understanding of the value education brings.

We will enable the free exchange of best practice in education, while providing support and advice on complex global regulatory frameworks and how to navigate them.

Find out more about the Centre for Distance Education (CDE).

Centre for Careers and Employability

Drawing on the University’s Careers Group, founded in 1909 and now the largest and most experienced careers service in Europe, we will create a Centre of Excellence in Careers and Employability.

We will continue to add value to our Member Institutions and develop strategic employer engagements to support students. The Centre will become a thought and practice leader within the sector, focusing on evidence-based innovation within the global employment and skills market.

Centre of Excellence for Inclusivity and Access

Recognising the University’s pioneering role in advancing adult learning, we will harness our capacity to connect with a wider community of learners to address the challenges of access and inclusive academic practices.

The Centre will co-ordinate activities through our global programmes, through our academic inclusion projects, and by understanding our library collections through the lens of diversity.

Most importantly, the Centre will bring Member Institutions and our national scholarly communities together in order to share good practice on decolonising our curricula and academic practices, and to co-ordinate inclusion efforts to tackle racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry and all forms of discrimination and exclusion.

National Centre for the Humanities

Expanding on the national remit given to the School of Advanced Study by Research England, this Centre will champion the humanities and their importance in addressing the needs and demands of a changing world.

Our research promotion will shape intellectual and public debates, making important interventions that demonstrate the intrinsic value of the humanities and social sciences to boosting social cohesion and well-being.

Our libraries, national and international networks will play a key role, advocating for and supporting researchers across our Member Institutions and in the national and international communities.

A Centre of Excellence for London

Leveraging the benefits of our unique history and position, the University is well-placed to mobilise the collective power of our Member Institutions to contribute to the life and work of our home city; London. Our research in urban cultures, history and geography provides the expertise as strong foundations for this work.

Acknowledging that London still faces deprivation, and limited education opportunities, this Centre will establish key partnerships across the city, providing access to education, resources and research to support policy makers and residents to transform lives in the capital.