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Finding Your Professional Voice – Confidence and Impact

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Programme Duration

4 weeks

Academic Direction
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
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Individuals have a great capacity for vocal expression but most people haven’t had the opportunity to explore and develop it. By the end of this course learners will have gained knowledge of how the voice works, had a chance to experiment with different ways of speaking, and increased their confidence in their vocal expression. 

About this course

This course is aimed at beginners but can serve as a useful ‘tune up’ for those that have some experience in this area or those that want to build upon prior learning. The only prerequisite is to be curious about voice in action and public speaking. Finding your Professional Voice takes the learner on a journey to discover how the voice works, how they can optimise their use of it, and how vocal impact can be developed for professional settings.

The topics we cover include:

  • Be Aware: understanding yourself and understanding how the voice works.
    • Basic understanding of how the voice is made in the body.
    • Awareness of how current personal behaviours may be impeding optimal voice function and expression.
    • Begin to identify where tension may be present in the body
  • Be physical: the role of the body in speaking
    • Have techniques to reduce unnecessary tension in the body
    • Understand the role of alignment in speaking confidently
    • Appreciate the role of body language in speaking with impact
  • Be connected: understanding your audience and how to connect to them
    • Understand what to cover when you’re preparing for public speaking
    • Find clarity on what your message is, who your audience are, and what you want your audience to feel
    • Knowledge on how to build connection and status with your audience
  • Be impactful: how to create an impact through the way you speak
    • Understand how articulation can be utilised to speak with greater clarity and precision
    • Be able to maintain energy throughout your introduction pitch
    • Define the role of pitch, pause, pace and emphasis in impactful speaking

By completing this course you will be able to explain the need for:

  • Identifying current vocal behaviours connected to speaking and be introduced to alternative options for speaking with impact.
  • Managing nerves and anxiety when speaking publicly.
  • Speaking with greater clarity, confidence and connection.
  • Conveying meaning and making messages compelling
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Finding Your Professional Voice – Confidence and Impact