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Machine Learning for All

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Programme Duration

4 weeks

Academic Direction
Goldsmiths, University of London
Modes of Study

Machine learning, often called artificial intelligence (AI), is one of the most exciting areas of technology at the moment. In this course (delivered on the Coursera platform) you will learn to understand the basic idea of machine learning including a machine learning project on training a computer to recognise images.

About this course

Machine learning technology is set to revolutionise almost any area of human life and work, affecting all of our lives, and so you are likely to want to find out more about it. The big AI breakthroughs sound like science fiction, but they come down to a simple idea: the use of data to train statistical algorithms.

This course is for a lot of different people. It could be a good first step into a technical career but is also great if your role is non-technical. Or you might just be interested in finding out more about the hottest new technology of the moment. Whoever you are, we are looking forward to guiding you through your first machine learning project.


Woman with robotic features.
We see daily news stories about breakthroughs in facial recognition technology, self-driving cars or computers that can have a conversation just like a human.