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Refugees in the 21st Century

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6 weeks of study

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University of London
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In this course (delivered on the Coursera platform) you will gain insight into the refugee phenomenon as one of the most complex, compelling and (arguably) misunderstood features of the 21st century. 

About this course

Taking a global perspective, the course will outline the fundamentals of who ‘refugees’ are, where they come from and where they go, as well as delving into the features of the global system for refugee protection and ‘solutions’ for those who have been forcibly displaced. It places the learner at the centre of the learning experience through engagement with a range of robust and challenging activities, materials and online peer engagement. 

Learners who have completed this course may seek to continue studying with us on our online Master’s programme in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies. In 2019, this MA was awarded the prestigious Roger Mills Prize for its innovative approach to online learning. That programme builds upon the MOOC experience, delivering a fully accredited Master’s degree in an online learning environment.