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Security Management and Governance

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Programme Duration

3 weeks

Academic Direction
Royal Holloway, University of London
Modes of Study

You will be exposed to two key components for effective security management. This incorporates: 1) the role that incident management plays in a world of increasing interdependency; 2) understanding how people intersect with cyber security and organisations, whether as employees, customers, or more broadly in society. Together, these provide a foundation to start thinking and practicing security management in real-life scenarios.

About this course

You will look at some of the key components of practical cyber security management and its governance. This includes understanding how organisations can respond to incidents, what happens when things go wrong, through to the essential role of people in achieving better cyber security outcomes. Overall, you will examine how incident management, cyber resilience, and developing an effective appreciation of people, not simply as users but as active participants, can enable better cyber security outcomes.

The topics covered include:

  • Identifying what an incident is
  • Incident preparation, planning, and response
  • Cyber resilience
  • The role of people in security management
  • The building of trust and developing positive cyber security cultures

By completing this course, you will learn how to integrate incident management and a rich knowledge of people into a real-world Information Security Management System for an organisation.

A professional working in cyber security
The role of incident management is critical in a world of increasing interdependency.