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Use C++ to build a crypto trading platform I: User input

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Programme Duration

Each course is 2 weeks

Academic Direction
Goldsmiths, University of London
Modes of Study

This is the first of five courses aiming to help you to become confident working in the object-oriented paradigm in the C++ language.

About this course

You will learn how to write, compile, and run a C++ program. The course also covers programming concepts such as if statements, loops, and simple functions.

The topics we cover include:

  • Write, compile, and run a C++ program that prints messages to the console
  • Use the standard library to do text I/O in the console
  • Write and call simple functions
  • Use a while loop to repeatedly receive and respond to user input
  • Use if statements to conditionally execute different parts of a program.

By the end of the course, you will have started developing a simplified cryptocurrency trading platform in C++.

Other courses in this series are:

Monitor screen showing C++ programming
Learn how to write, compile, and run a C++ program.