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Data Science Research Topics

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Academic Direction
Goldsmiths, University of London
Also part of
MSc Data Science
Modes of Study

The module introduces you to research topics related to data science.

In particular, you will have an opportunity to learn from data science and computing industry professionals and academics whose mono-disciplinary or interdisciplinary research in areas of computer science, sociology, psychology, bioinformatics, biomedical statistics and other disciplines is based on or involves data analysis.

The module will guide your work in exploring a research theme of interest, as a preliminary phase preparing you for the Final Project.

Topics covered

  • Research methods
  • Analytics Storytelling for Impact
  • Academic writing
  • Analyzing and Visualising Data
  • Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics
  • Final Project ideas


15 (150 hours)


  • Coursework item 1 (50%)
  • Coursework item 2 (50%)