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Enhancing learning, teaching and assessment

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Academic Direction
University of London
Modes of Study

The aim of this module is to enable participants to develop as educators in higher education; to enhance and innovate in online, face-to-face and/or blended learning contexts.

This module will focus on current and future learning and teaching scenarios. We will consider the ways in which education and workplaces are rapidly changing.

The module will also provide you with the theory and research informed and practical framework to identify ways in which learning and teaching can be enhanced and developed innovatively in their own professional contexts. You will focus on development within your own practice.

Topics covered

Main topics of the module include: 

  • Higher Education contexts and values and implications for your practice
  • Curriculum design, assessment and planning
  • Inclusive practices and enabling student engagement and completion

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:  

  • Apply advanced theoretical knowledge to teaching, learning, learner support and assessment practice in higher education;
  • Analyse options and develop plans for enhancing teaching, learning and assessment drawing on your own present and future contexts; 
  • Critically reflect on your own practice and professional values, 
  • Develop and write a plan for future enhanced work in teaching, learning and assessment that takes account of higher education contexts and trends.


  • A multimedia presentation outlining the topic and scope for your proposed project plan and accompanying summary of 1,000 words (+/-10 per cent excluding references and appendices) 20 per cent
  • A plan and rationale for enhancing teaching and learning practice of 4,000 words (+/-10% excluding references and appendices) 80 per cent