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Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice

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Academic Direction
School of Advanced Study
Also part of
MA Human Rights
Modes of Study

This module will equip students to understand the conceptual, legal and practice-based links of human rights with development and the protection of the environment.

Topics covered

  • the conceptual, legal and practice-based links of human rights with sustainable development and inequality
  • human rights-based approaches (HRBA) to sustainable development
  • the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • the limits to growth, planetary boundaries and energy production and how these connect to sustainable development and human rights
  • human rights responsibilities of the private sector
  • the concept of a law prohibiting ecocide and its potential to limit the worst harms of corporate externalities and potential to assist genuine ‘sustainable’ development. 

Learning outcomes

The module builds skills and knowledge to analyse the links between human rights, sustainable development and environmental justice, the framework of the SDGs, the application of the HRBA, and the role of the private sector in ensuring sustainable development and respect for human rights.  


This module is assessed by one item of coursework (70% of the overall grade), and three E-tivities (30%).