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Leadership and management models

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Queen Mary University of London
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Global MBA
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This module prepares students for strategic leadership and transformational roles in organisations. Much ink has been spilt on the difference between leadership and management. Understanding management models (from the more classical to contemporary models focusing more on individuals or systems) is crucial to evaluating the effectiveness of leadership in these models.The role of a manager requires organising, controlling, planning and motivating others to perform the work of the organisation. This module contributes to the programme as it examines a variety of scholarship (including: articles, cases, novels, illustrations, and discussion) to develop student appreciation of a variety of management models. In preparing students for strategic leadership, this module helps students identify and analyse a complementarity of leadership theories with the management models explored.Theoretical approaches are supplemented by empirical evidence on management models and the links between these and organisational performance. The module also explores applications in real-world contexts based on case studies.

Topics covered

  • Trait-based Leadership
  • Behavioural Ideals
  • Situational/Contingency Theories pt 1
  • Situational/Contingency Theories pt 2
  • Functional Theories
  • Integrated Psychological Approach
  • How Leaders Should Be
  • Nudge Theory
  • A Hierarchy of Needs
  • Bringing It All Together

Learning outcomes

If you complete the module successfully, you should be able to:

  • describe and assess key management models.
  • articulate how management models complement leadership theories and practices.
  • describe the most relevant and current research in managing and leading organisations and its application to workplace settings.
  • critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different management models.
  • apply knowledge of management models and leadership to complex business situations.
  • plan strategies and tactics for leading a variety of management models.
  • demonstrate critical and analytical skills with regard to how theory-based leadership and management frameworks, tools, and concepts enhance individual, group, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.
  • apply problem-solving skills (including the ability to assess and manage resolution of problems arising from conflicts between leadership styles and particular management models).
  • critically self-reflect on leadership style in own practice, with justification of his/her reflective process.
  • study and the use of resources for learning, including making professional use of others (students and tutors) in support of self-directed learning.
  • work in group towards defined outcomes, making appropriate use of the capacities of the group members.
  • effectively demonstrate communication, research and time management skills.


This module is assessed by:

Coursework (50% weighting):

  • There is one item of coursework for this module which contributes to the final assessment mark for this module.
  • Coursework: a written essay of a maximum of 2,000 or 2,500 words (deadline – weeks 9-12) The coursework is designed to check student progress, extend and reinforce concepts covered and also test individual performance.

Examination (50% weighting):

  • The final piece of assessment will be an unseen written examination of 2 hours’ duration.

Essential reading

The following is an illustrative list of the reading materials that will be referred to in the module:


  • Academy of Management Executive
  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Academy of Management Review
  • Administrative Science Quarterly
  • British Journal of Management
  • California Management Review
  • Competition and Change (grade 2-ABS list)
  • Harvard Business Review
  • International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management
  • International Journal of Management Reviews
  • Journal of Change Management
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Journal of Organizational Change Management
  • Leadership and Organisational Development
  • Leadership Quarterly
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Strategic Change
  • Strategic Management Journal.