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Managing and financing projects in the TV and film industries

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Academic Direction
Royal Holloway, University of London
Modes of Study

This module will provide students with an in depth understanding of the implementation of projects in the TV and film creative industries.

In this module students will develop an understanding of how complex projects in the creative industries are managed and financed.

Students will look at real feature films and television shows, following a drama project from the birth of the story idea through to the cinema or television release.

Students will consider the ways to manage such projects successfully and explore how tortuous and full of pitfalls the creative path can be.

Main topics of the module include:

  • Overview of the Film/TV industry (national and international)
  • How ideas are turned into films and TV shows
  • Roles on production (project management): who does what
  • How to package a production to make a show financeable
  • Industry finance
  • Commercial map: where to sell the production.


Coursework (100%)