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Organisational behaviour and human resource management

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Academic Direction
Queen Mary University of London
Also part of
Global MBA
Modes of Study

This module provides an understanding of key theoretical and practical issues relating to organisational behaviour and human resource management.

Human resource knowledge from this module can be applied to different external contexts impinging upon organisations around the globe, yet managers need to adapt their internal organisational behaviours to deal with them.

The module is best suited to those who wish to develop a reasoned and analytical understanding of human behaviour in organisations.

Topics covered

  • Introducing organisational behaviour and human resource management
  • Organisational culture and structures
  • Motivation and teamwork
  • The changing nature of work
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Engagement, commitment and retention
  • Employee performance
  • Attendance and absence
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Redundancy and dismissal

Learning outcomes

If you complete the module successfully, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the key concepts, theories and procedures used by organisations in managing people
  • Explain management practices associated with contemporary organisations
  • Analyse key aspects of organisational behaviour and current HR practice
  • Assess the impact of key components of current HR practice upon the organisation
  • Evaluate HR policies and practices for greater accountability and responsibility from both an employer and an employee perspective.
  • Identify and evaluate options and solutions to organisational and people management problems
  • Synthesise and use information and knowledge about organisational behaviour and people management effectively
  • Critical evaluation skills of organisational behaviour and current HR practice
  • Ability to utilise key practices relating to HRM
  • Analytical and writing skills in a time constrained setting
  • Ability to plan work and study independently
  • Ability to apply reason and justification within discussion.


This module is assessed by:

Coursework (50% weighting):

  • There is one item of coursework for this module which contributes to the final assessment mark for this module:
  • Coursework: a written essay of a maximum of 2,000 or 2,500 words (deadline – weeks 9-12) The coursework is designed to check student progress, extend and reinforce concepts covered and also test individual performance.

Examination (50% weighting):

  • The final piece of assessment will be an unseen written examination of 2 hours’ duration.

Essential reading

The following is provided as part of the module materials after you register:

  • Mullins, L. J. and Christy, G., Management & Organisational Behaviour (11th edition), Pearson, 2016
  • Pilbeam Stephen and Corbridge Marjorie, People Resourcing and Talent Planning: HRM in Practice (4th edition), Pearson, 2010.