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Researching human rights: social science research methods

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Academic Direction
School of Advanced Study
Also part of
MA Human Rights
Modes of Study

This module will introduce students to the theories and methods of qualitative social sciences research and how they can be applied to the study of human rights.

Topics covered

  • Students will reflect on the theoretical context, key concepts and tools of social sciences research in order to articulate a critical perspective on human rights
  • Students will learn how to identify a range of ethical issues and how to overcome them, understand how qualitative data is collected, analysed, interpreted, appreciate how quantitative and qualitative methods can be combined in interdisciplinary human rights research and articulate methodological steps for Human Rights Impact Assessments.

Learning outcomes

This module is particularly recommended for students interested to pursue further study at PhD level or to develop a career conducting human rights research.


This module is assessed by one item of coursework (70% of the overall grade), and three E-tivities (30%).