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Sports entrepreneurship

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Academic Direction
University of London
Modes of Study

Through analysing case material, among other resources, this module will share the insights and ‘know-how’ of selected well-known entrepreneurs within the sport industry who have taken goods and services from concept to market and beyond.

It will assess why sport is such a fertile industry for entrepreneurial activity and how individuals can leverage this successfully. This module aims to develop, evaluate and critique entrepreneurial skills within the context of launching new products or services in the sport industry or for entrepreneurs who are looking to flourish within existing organisations.

Topics covered

  • Types of entrepreneurship
  • Sport as a catalyst for entrepreneurialism
  • Characteristics of individual entrepreneurs in sport
  • Entrepreneurialism within large sporting organisations
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation in sport
  • Structuring the sports start-up
  • Funding and resourcing a sports start-up
  • Managing growth and exiting within the sports industry

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • identify the skills and knowledge base needed to foster entrepreneurial activity for individuals based on the experiences of successful sports entrepreneurs as well as assess and discuss the challenges they have faced.
  • critically discuss ways in which entrepreneurial-minded individuals can thrive in large sports organisations despite the tendency of such organisations to resist innovation and to favour the status quo or only seek marginal gains.
  • demonstrate an understanding of, and identify, new opportunities and translate them into viable business solutions or opportunities.


  • One limited-text presentation and accompanying 2,500-word executive summary report (100 per cent)