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Sports strategy, governance and leadership

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Academic Direction
University of London
Modes of Study

This module will evaluate the importance of strategy and strategic thinking for sports organisations.

The module will consider what can be learned from big picture thinking to analyse the external and internal factors in the sports context and for the management of the diverse stakeholders in sport.

The module will evaluate the trade-offs which sports organisations make in the different governance models which they adopt, and the implications of these for effective strategic decision making. The module also focuses on the role and different schools of thought in leadership in sport and the importance of leadership for sports organisations.

Topics covered

  • What is strategy and why does it matter for sports organisations
  • Strategic planning: analysing the external and internal context of sport
  • Managing stakeholders in sport
  • Governance and sport
  • Governance structures in sport
  • Strategic evaluation of resources and capabilities: creating competitive advantages
  • Leadership in sport
  • Implementing and evaluating strategies

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • apply models and concepts to analyse the external and internal contexts of sports organisations.
  • analyse the challenges posed by diverse stakeholders.
  • develop strategies for effective stakeholder management in sport.
  • evaluate the strengths and trade-offs of different governance structures for sports organisations.
  • strategically evaluate resources and capabilities of their own and other sports organisations.
  • critically analyse best practice in leadership in their sports context(s).


  • One 200-word report (10 per cent)
  • One limited-text presentation and accompanying 2,500-word executive summary report (90 per cent)