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Strategic Approaches to Careers & Employability in Higher Education

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Academic Direction
University of London
Modes of Study

The aim is to equip participants to design, implement, communicate and evaluate a careers and employability learning strategy relevant to their institution.

This module will equip participants to explore and analyse the diversity of external and internal factors that will determine the most appropriate strategic approach to implementing careers and employability education in their own institutional and global context.

Through practical activities and case studies, it will equip them to evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches and build business cases for partnership and investment. 

Topics covered

Main topics of the module include:

  • How external and internal factors influence your choice of strategic priorities for careers & employability education 
  • How cultural, theoretical and ideological factors influence your choice of careers & employability learning outcomes 
  • How institutional characteristics and resourcing issues influence your choice of careers & employability learning activities 
  • Choices you can make in assessing careers & employability learning and in evaluating the effectiveness of your strategic approach 
  • How to understand and communicate with the various stakeholders who will influence or be affected by your careers & employability education strategy 

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to: 

  • Develop and reflectively critique a high level strategic vision for careers education and employability development in your institution 
  • Devise and reflectively critique a proposal for implementing careers education and employability development within your institution 
  • Develop and reflectively critique an evidence-based justification for your strategic approach to careers and employability 


  • Produce an external factor analysis, a stakeholder perspective statement and a draft strategic vision & reflective commentary (33.3 per cent) 
  • Produce a draft institutional model for careers & employability education with rationale and a resource identification analysis (33.3 per cent) 
  • Produce a risk analysis, a comparison of possible impact measures and an impact narrative based on a provided scenario (33.3 per cent) 

(2,750 words excluding references)