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Supporting learning, teaching and assessment

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Academic Direction
University of London
Modes of Study

The aim of this module is to develop skills, knowledge and strategies to support teaching, learning, assessment and feedback to enable student learning and progress.

This module provides a broad overview of the key principles which underpin education and explores relevance to practice in higher education teaching and support of learning.

The module consists of four complementary themes that focus on student learning and the implications of these for the planning and undertaking of teaching, assessment and feedback. Crucial to professional enhancement are critical reflection and evaluation and the application of these to practice, so these form the final theme. 

Topics covered

Main themes of the module include: 

  • How students learn
  • Approaches to teaching and supporting learning
  • Assessing learning and giving feedback
  • Evaluating and improving practice through reflection and peer learning

Learning outcomes 

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:  

  • Inform your practice with a critical understanding of theories of learning; 
  • Compare and contrast different teaching methods based on online and face to face delivery, in light of associated quality assurance standards, and make and justify a choice of methods; 
  • Develop and critically review marking and feedback that effectively supports student learning, accounting for diverse learning needs; 
  • Reflect on and critically analyse your individual learning experience, teaching/learning support practice and professional values in relation to your own effectiveness in supporting teaching and learning practice in your own discipline/professional role.


  • An online activities review (1,000 words, +/-10% excluding references and appendices) 25 per cent
  • A reflective narrative (4,000 words, +/-10% excluding references and appendices) 75 per cent