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Dr John McDade

Tutor in Religion, Doctrine and History

John McDade was Senior Lecturer and Principal of Heythrop College, University of London.

John became interested in theology because of what he saw as the urgent question about the relationship between ‘the historical Jesus’ and the Christ proclaimed by the Church.

His doctorate at the University of Edinburgh was on ‘Pre-existence Language in Christology’, and his interest spread from that to Trinity and Salvation which he taught for many years. It then extended to developing a new theology of Christian-Jewish relations and exploring the issue of contemporary atheism and how Christian theology is to engage modern unbelief in a dialogical way.

The remark by Fergus Kerr, ‘Religion touches on something dangerous in us,’ turned his attention more recently to the relation of religion and violence and to the question of how religion can be contaminated by intolerant, violent impulses - all in the name of a God of love.

Modules taught:

  • Christian Doctrine (Level 5)
  • Religion and Violence (Level 6)


Selected publications

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