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Robbie Hoque

Tutor in Religion and Ethics

Robbie is currently working on his PhD at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London.

Robbie's research on the problem of evil focuses on the role of the afterlife in contemporary theodicies.  Proposing a new theodicy to resolve certain eschatological problems of evil, he has developed an agency-based view of the afterlife involving a neuro-physical account of free will.

More generally, Robbie is interested in how religious and secular worldviews influence perspectives in the philosophy of religion and ethics, and whether philosophical methods can bridge the gap between worldviews so that we can deepen our understanding of problems and develop new solutions.

Robbie graduated with distinction from Heythrop College, University of London, completing an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics in Education. There he studied modules in Reason and Religion, Foundations of Ethics, Contemporary Islamic Thought, and Teaching Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.

Module taught:

  • Religion and Ethics (part 1) (Level 5)