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Costs of your course

There are a number of costs to consider when studying with us.

Some are directly related to your course and are directly payable to us. These might include:

  • application fees
  • registration fees
  • examination entry fees
  • the costs of any resits.

Others are not directly payable to us. These include:

  • local study support (if applicable)
  • the cost of textbooks
  • the costs of sitting an exam at an approved centre.

Costs directly related to your course

Please read carefully to see which of the following fees may apply to you.

Annual fee increase

Programme Fees are subject to annual revision and may be increased by up to 5% per annum.

Application fee

For most courses, you pay an application fee when you apply. This is non-refundable, so make sure you have reviewed the information about eligibility before you apply.

Registration fees

In order to register for your course, you will need to pay a registration fee. This gives you access to your study materials and your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

If there is a continuing registration fee for your course, you pay this in each subsequent year of your studies to maintain access to your materials.

Textbooks / Study resources

You will need access to email and, in most cases, regular access to a computer and the internet.

Undergraduate courses

For most undergraduate courses, you will need to budget for textbooks. The total will range from £80-£300 per year (outlined on our course pages). We are unable to include the costs of any text books or equipment in any tax or expense forms as purchases are not made directly to University of London.

Postgraduate courses

Most postgraduate degrees are a complete study package, so you don't have to buy additional books.

Postgraduate course fees

For postgraduate courses, you can either pay the full fee up-front or pay as you study (i.e. a single registration fee, then a fee for each module you take).

The advantage of paying up-front is that it can offer a discount on the cost of paying individually, and it protects you from annual fee increases.

How to pay your fees.

Costs payable to other providers

Examination centre fees

For undergraduate courses, you pay an examination entry fee to us for each exam you take, and a fee to your local examination centre for hosting the exam.

Local tuition

Attending classes is not usually compulsory, but many of our students choose to register with an approved teaching institution for additional support. If you decide to do this, you must pay any associated fees directly to the institution.

Visits to London

You do not need to come to London to sit your exams. But if you are studying a course which requires a UK visit (e.g. MSc Petroleum Geoscience) or you apply for Blended Learning, you will need to pay for your visa, travel, accommodation, and subsistence.


You will need to pay any customs duties/taxes where these are payable on educational materials, including educational USB stick/CDs.

Sales tax

The University is required to add sales tax to certain programme fees paid by students resident in the following countries. View the full sales tax list.