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Payment by Western Union

A sample of a Western Union form with the correct details
If you are paying via Western Union Quick Pay, it is important to complete the form with the correct details.

Step 1: Fill in the Quick Pay form as shown in a Western Union Agent location. Find your nearest location.

It is particularly important that you use the following details so that the payment is allocated to your student account:

  • (A) Company Name: University of London
  • (B) Company Code: UniversityOfLondon GB
  • (C) Account Number: Your 9-digit student registration number, followed by a space, followed by your date of birth DDMMYY. (For example: 123456789 010189)
  • Leave 'Reference Number' empty.

Without this information, the University of London may not be able to process your payment.

Please note that the exact layout of the form may vary.

Western Union will only make payments to the University of London in Pounds Sterling. Your Western Union agent will usually accept major currencies and exchange these into Pounds Sterling for you. Please check with your agent beforehand.

Step 2: Hand over the form, with the amount in cash and a valid ID to the Western Union agent. You receive a Money Transfer Control Number payment confirmation from Western Union.

Step 3: Keep the original payment confirmation for your own records. Please send us a copy, together with your remittance advice, or other details of the fee you are paying.

Either upload a copy of the confirmation when you complete a payment stage of the online task.


Upload the confirmation via your Student Portal.

  1. Login to the Portal.
  2. On the ‘My Study’ page within the ‘My programmes’ section next to ‘documents’ click ‘Upload’
  3. Select ‘Western Union – Quick Pay’
  4. Click 'Browse my computer' in the Document upload section and choose the file(s) to upload.
  5. Click 'Upload’, you will then will be given a file status notification.

Other payment options

You can pay your fees in a number of ways. For more information please view our How to pay your fees section.