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Mathematics Aptitude Test

Are you looking to study on one of our programmes but you do not meet the criteria for mathematics? Or perhaps, you haven’t studied mathematics for a while and would like to refresh your skills? If so, you may want to take a Mathematics Aptitude Test through the University of London.

Selecting the right test level for you

The University of London programmes require different levels of mathematics. Therefore if you are taking the test before applying for a University of London programme, please ensure you take the correct level. Please see the below list detailing the required test level for each programme.

How to take the test

You will need to submit an application for the test via the Apply button. This will alert the Admissions Office of your request and we will contact you with details on how to pay the £50 test fee. You will also be asked to confirm which test level you would like to take.  

Once we receive confirmation of fee receipt and which test level you would like to take, we will provide you with further details on how to proceed.

Taking the test

The test is taken online and you will have a maximum of 60 minutes to complete it. In order to pass the test you must achieve a score of 40% or above.

You will have one attempt to pass the test. No resits are permitted. This means, if you do not achieve a minimum pass mark of 40% and want to undertake a University of London programme which has a mathematics course requirement, you will need to obtain an alternative qualification such as a UK GCSE or UK GCE A Level before being eligible to receive and offer. 

Before taking the test, you should familiarise/revise the following:

  • Elementary: Algebra, graphs and functions, numeracy statistics
  • Intermediate: Algebra, geometry, graphs and functions, numeracy, statistics
  • Upper intermediate: Algebra, geometry, graphs and functions, numeracy, statistics
  • Advanced: Algebra, geometry, graphs and functions, numeracy, statistics

Technical Support during the test: if you experience any technical issues whilst taking the test then you should 

After the test

Once you have completed the test, the results will be shared with the University of London. We will then aim to respond to you with the outcome within 5 working days.

We will also send you an online certificate which you can present to other academic providers, although you should check with them if they will accept this test for admission and what their requirements are before embarking on this.