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Recognition and accreditation of prior learning for the Global MBA

If you already hold qualifications with similar learning outcomes to our Global MBA modules, you can apply for your prior learning to be recognised and accredited. This process is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If this is successful, you will not need to study those modules to complete your award.

The rules for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) are described in the Global MBA Programme Regulations and Section 3 of the General Regulations.

Note that the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice is also awarded on the basis of successful completion of the MBA core modules and Strategic Project. If you have RPL for more than one core module, this will affect CMI’s ability to confer the award of the CMI Level 7 Diploma, although you may still be eligible for the CMI L7 Certificate or L7 Award.

  • MBA: You may apply for RPL mapped against modules up to a total of 120 UK credits
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) - you may apply for RPL up to 60 UK credits.
  • Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) - you may apply for up to 30 UK credits.
  • RPL for the Strategic Project will not be considered.

You can apply for automatic or discretionary RPL.

You will need to have met the entrance requirements for the programme to be considered for RPL. We will not recognise or accredit prior learning for a module later than 14 days after the module start date. You will be deemed to have started a module once you have been given access to the learning materials on the VLE.

Discretionary RPL

You may apply for RPL based on a discretionary basis- this is where your qualifications are considered on a case by case basis. You will need to satisfy the University that you have covered a similar syllabus, as part of a previous qualification, at the same level, content and standard.

A formal application is required and an RPL application fee is payable. The RPL application fee is non-refundable, even if your prior learning is not recognised.

To be considered for discretionary RPL, you must also have passed degree/professional level examinations at the appropriate level (usually equivalent to a UK Level 7 qualification/ master’s degree or above). We can also consider qualifications/ examinations listed as automatic RPL that were passed more than five years ago as discretionary RPL.

For your discretionary RPL request to be processed, you will need to: provide a completed RPL request form, the supporting documentary evidence (normally a scanned copy of an official transcript, syllabus of your previous studies, your CV and a statement explaining why you should be awarded RPL) and the discretionary RPL fee.

Please note: To process your discretionary RPL request, the RPL application must be submitted and all supporting evidence provided before the deadlines stated, in the session that you apply. The discretionary RPL are on the course webpage - Global MBA.

We are unable to give advice on discretionary RPL until a formal application has been considered fully by specialist academics.

Automatic RPL

There are certain qualifications which we will recognise and accredit automatically. They have already been assessed and are considered by the University to have similar learning outcomes to our modules. Automatic RPL applications are free of charge.

If you satisfy the conditions and have passed the relevant listed qualification(s) in full within the five years preceding your RPL application, we will award RPL as detailed in the list below. If the qualification/ examination was obtained more than five years ago, you can still be considered for discretionary RPL.

You will need to: make a formal application and provide the necessary documentary evidence (such as a scanned copy of the relevant certification/ transcript).

The University reserves the right not to award RPL if the qualification of the respective professional body or institution changes after the publication of this list.

List of awarding bodies and qualifications recognised for Automatic RPL