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Recognition and accreditation of prior learning for undergraduate degrees in computing

Information about recognition and accreditation of prior learning for undergraduate degrees in Computing and Information Systems and Creative Computing.

Recognition of prior learning is only offered for standard BSc degrees. It is not offered for the Certificate of Higher Education or the Work Experience entry routes.

Accreditation may be approved for up to four full courses at Levels 4 and 5 (first and second-year level courses), with a maximum of two at Level 5.

If your prior learning is recognised and accredited, you will not need to study the corresponding course to complete your degree.

Any qualification you wish us to consider for the forthcoming academic year should be awarded before 1 October, and details provided in your application form.

How it works and how to apply


In the first instance, you must be eligible for the BSc degree.

You must have also passed degree/professional level examinations in subjects that compare in level, content and standard to the course(s) for which you are seeking recognition and accreditation or your prior learning.

(It is not awarded on the basis of school-leaving examinations.)

Automatic recognition and accreditation of prior learning

To be considered for automatic accreditation of your prior learning, you must satisfy all the criteria for one of the qualifications listed below and have received the final award within the past five years.

Please note all discretionary requests must be submitted by 01 October in the year that you apply. Once submitted, we must receive all required evidence to support your application by 15 October in the year that you apply. A non-refundable fee is charged for this service.

We cannot consider an application for recognition of prior learning for a particular module/course if you have entered the exam for it.