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Taster course

Studying Economic History - A taster course (LS6733)

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Economics History Humanities Social Sciences
Course date


Two and a half hours (2 to 4.30pm)

Academic direction
The London School of Economics and Political Science


Come along to our taster course to experience two taster sessions with LSE academics, meet LSE students and discover the options available in the LSE Department of Economic History.

This course is now full. Applications are closed.

Location: On campus

Economic historians study how past economies have changed and the factors that influence economic development. LSE’s Department of Economic History focusses on practical questions about real economies. For instance, why are some countries rich and others poor, what forces shape inequality and what does historical experience reveal about current global economic developments and crises?

Economic history lecture

The LSE Travel Fund contributes towards the cost of standard rail or coach travel to and from the LSE campus for eligible students attending an on-campus taster course. Please visit the LSE Travel Fund webpage to check eligibility requirements. 

Course requirements

Open to year 12 students only.

This LSE taster course is only open to those students with an interest in studying Economic History, not any of the other subject areas offered by LSE.