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Taster course

Institute in Paris Taster Course: BA International Politics (IP6922)

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International Politics
Course date


Three hours (2.15 to 5pm)

Academic direction
University of London Institute in Paris


Human Rights: Theory and Practice

Booking is essential to secure a place on this taster course - click the 'apply now' button above.

Location: Senate House, London campus 

Philosophers and lawyers argue amongst themselves about how real human rights (freedom from torture?) can be distinguished from fake ones (a right to the internet?). However, this debate is also a political one. Human rights frameworks are often criticised as being ‘ideals’ detached from reality, but in fact these ideals have been shaped by real political struggles. This taster course illustrates the real-world underpinnings and effects of these apparently theoretical debates and introduces students to critical perspectives on human rights frameworks.

Event schedule:

2.15-2.30pm - International Politics Registration

2.30-3.00pm - Introduction to the Institute in Paris

3.00-3.45pm - International Politics Taster Course

3.45-5.00pm - Tea, Coffee and Pastries

Picture of 2 students outside the UNESCO building

Course requirements

Year 12 Students, Anyone who is thinking of starting their undergraduate studies in September 2024 or September 2025