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Taster course

Studying History - A taster course (LS6732)

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Subject area
History, Humanities, Social Sciences
Course date


2.5 hours

Academic direction
The London School of Economics and Political Science


Come along to our taster course to experience two taster sessions with LSE academics, meet LSE students and discover the options available in the LSE Department of International History.

Time: 14:00 to 16:30

Location: On campus

LSE’s Department of International History teaches and conducts research on the international history of Britain, Europe and the world from the early modern era up to the present day.

With undergraduate programmes in BA History, BSc International Relations and History and BSc Politics and History, the department offer a wide variety of options for students interested in the making of the modern world, ranging from the discovery of the New World in the late fifteenth century up to the decision-making processes confronting states in the first decade of the New Millennium.

Looking at a large globe of the world

Course requirements

Open to year 12 students only.

This LSE taster course is only open to those students with an interest in studying History, not any of the other subject areas offered by LSE.