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UCL Natural Sciences (UC8351)

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Geography and Environmental Sciences Physical Sciences Development and Earth Sciences Mathematics and Statistics
Course date


Five and a half hours (10am to 3.30pm)

Academic direction


Are you struggling to choose just one science to study? Maybe you enjoy thinking about how different sciences can work together? Natural Sciences might be what you are looking for!

Location: On campus 

Come and find out about the UCL Natural Sciences degree programmes, what they involve and how they might be right for you. What can you look forward to once you graduate? Chat with academic staff and current students to find out which pathways you’ll be able to choose from and the range of careers a degree in Natural Sciences may lead you to. You’ll be able to find out directly from students what student life at UCL is really like and take a tour around campus. You’ll also have a chance to discover exactly what our admissions tutors are looking for and ask any questions you might have about the course.

Picture of students sat on the green outside UCL building

Course requirements

Open to Year 12 students only. 

Students must be studying a STEM subject (science, engineering, technology and mathematics).