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Recognised Teaching Centre

Universidad Privada Boliviana - Campus Cochabamba

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JQ2J+CJR, Av Juan Pablo II,

Founded in 1993, Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) is a leading private university in Bolivia, ranked the #1 private national university by several independent organizations for its commitment to quality education, innovation, and research. Offering a diverse range of programs, UPB boasts modern facilities, experienced faculty, and multiple campuses across the country.

UPB stands as a dedicated proponent of academic excellence, offering a globally competitive education.

Our core objective is the cultivation of proficient professionals capable of navigating the complexities of a globalised world.

Simultaneously, we strive to nurture future entrepreneurs, facilitating the creation of new opportunities. Our commitment extends to delivering the highest standards in teaching, research, and innovation, ensuring our continuous alignment with the forefront of knowledge and technology advancements. The authorisation by UoL and LSE as a teaching centre exemplifies our international competitiveness.

I cordially invite you to explore our university and its offerings, where a focus on practical, impactful education defines our approach.

Francisco J. Mayorga PhD
UPB President

We recommend that you checkwith the Teaching Centre before applying.

Qualifications we support


BSc Finance (study locally)

Immerse yourself in the world of modern banking and finance with this degree developed by leading LSE academics.

Our students

“My experience in the parallel degree program was a harmonious blend of autonomy and support. UPB's education closely paralleled UoL's curriculum, often surpassing expectations in rigour. Although UoL introduced new concepts, I received ample support from UPB professors for clarification and practice. The experience was rewarding, fostering connections with friends from various generations and benefiting from well-prepared professors.”

Ibhar Christian Beramendi Illanes

Economics, 2020

“Being part of UoL’s programme was undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges I had to face; however, it's also the one I am most proud of. For me, it meant the gateway to professional opportunities I had never imagined reaching. It moulded me not only in the workplace but also personally, through discipline and self-instruction. Today, I am someone passionate about challenges, with the ability to tackle both immediate and long-term conflicts and the composure not to lose control in pressurised situations.”

Luciana Cuellar Cassab

Banking and Finance, 2022