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Musashi University

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Toyotama-kami 1-26-1 Nerima-ku


Musashi University has almost 10 years of experience running the Parallel Degree Programme, wherein students can take BSc courses from the University of London in parallel with bachelor degree courses at Musashi Universiy and obtain degrees from both universities since 2015. Students are required to pass Musashi’s own entrance exam.


Musashi University is proudly Japan's first and only Recognized Teaching Centre that offers University of London's BSc courses. Musashi's Parallel Degree Programme, launched in 2015, has produced outstanding graduates with their language skills and expertise they have acquired throughout the academic training.

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) and BSc courses that Musashi offers help students develop specialization in economics, business administration, statistics, econometrics, and political science, in addition to critical thinking skills. Based on a wide range of their academic backgrounds, Musashi's faculty members make the best efforts to provide support to students in and outside of class. Musashi is looking for future students who are full of intellectual curiosity and have a strong desire to improve their skills over the course of four years.

Kuniaki Nemoto
Director of the PDP Education Centre

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Qualifications we support


International Foundation Programme

This programme has been designed to ensure you achieve high academic standards and gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed at university.

“My experience at UoL was truly crucial in my life. Gaining new knowledge through classes was enjoyable every day. Beyond acquiring knowledge in statistics and marketing, the programme helped me develop critical thinking skills. These skill sets prove essential at work, such as planning research design in line with clients' business objectives and delving into complex data sets. While studying can be challenging, overcoming those struggles can greatly benefit your future. And if you have study mates to share the journey with, it becomes even more enjoyable!”

Ayane Hagiwara

BSc Economics and Management, Graduation year 2019

“My goal is to pursue postgraduate education and professional development abroad. My experience with the EMFSS Programme, especially my time at LSE Summer School, is instrumental in shaping my future ambitions. It helps me acquire insight into the practical applications of economics and data science in a global context. As I look to the future, I am grateful for the rigorous education and the diverse community I have been part of, which is instrumental in shaping my aspirations and preparing me for the challenges ahead.”

Shun Muranaka

BSc Economics, Graduation year 2025