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Recognised Teaching Centre

The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS Islamabad)

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No:36, Nazimuddin Road
Sector F-8/4

With the goal of providing a first-class legal education, the faculty and student body have collaborated at TILS Islamabad to create a healthy environment. With the use of modern resource materials and remarkable faculty, which is available to students at all times.TILS Islamabad has maintained a high standard in education which is evident by their results every year.

TILS Islamabad

As democracy is the cornerstone of our Constitution, our mission at TILS is to prepare our nation’s future lawyers to be the proponents of justice, fairness and equality. We prepare our graduates to help shape public policy; defending, prosecuting and deciding legal cases. Our experienced faculty works tirelessly in their efforts to produce outstanding teaching and innovation in classrooms. Our graduates get 1:1 support in polishing their skills and knowledge in all aspects of law; be it civil rights, to property and taxation or Islamic law and international law. 

For many of our students, these courses provide not only insight to the world but help in a journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation, leading to be human beings with compassion, intellect and empathy. We celebrate more than 16 years of excellence in commitment, academic deliverance and first rate results; and profusely thank our alumni and team members for their hard work and commitment.

Sara Khattak 


TILS Islamabad 

Qualifications we support


LLB Bachelor of Laws

Earn a qualifying law degree at your own pace with the University of London LLB. Dating back to the 1890s, it's highly regarded worldwide.

CertHE Common Law

A respected legal qualification in its own right, and a route into undergraduate-level study for those who may not yet meet the entry requirements for the LLB.
LLM, PGDip and PGCert

LLM Postgraduate Laws

This LLM degree offers 32 specialisations, allowing you to demonstrate a broad awareness of law or specialist knowledge of a specific field.

“My time at TILS has been truly exceptional. The faculty is highly supportive and provided me with the necessary tools and resources to excel in my studies. Moreover, they are always available to answer any questions, offer feedback, and provide guidance on career development. This level of personalised attention and support was beyond what I expected. What made my experience stand out was the emphasis on developing practical skills. TILS provided many opportunities for hands-on learning, including legal debates and moot court competitions. I had the chance to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios.”

Muhammad Naqi

LLB Hons, 2024

“As a rigorous and challenging degree, the University of London’s LLB Programme requires a teaching centre that provides students with a supportive and enriching environment; I recommend TILS as the institution of choice if one wants to keep up with the extensive curriculum and work in a collaborative learning environment. The faculty both full-time and part-time is highly qualified and works tirelessly to push each student to their full academic potential. Despite coming from a pre-medical background, I was able to adjust and do well in my first year of study due to the support I received from my teachers. They provided constructive feedback on assignments, held extra one-on-one sessions throughout the year, and always inspired me to challenge myself further. Apart from academic success, I believe TILS plays a great role in mentoring its students: preparing them for success in the legal profession and all other aspects of life. It has been a wonderful and memorable experience thus far and I am confident that all of the knowledge and experience at TILS will be vital to my future endeavours.”

Alishba Irfan

LLB Hons, 2024