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Recognised Teaching Centre

The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS), Multan Campus | UCL - (Business school) Multan, Pakistan

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1.5 Km School Road
Off Bosan Road

UCL-TILS Law & Business School is the result of collaborative endeavours by the faculty and student community, aiming to deliver high-quality education.  In a brief period, it has successfully upheld educational standards of excellence by employing an exceptional faculty and utilising current resource materials. 

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The degrees offered go beyond books, this entails unravelling the duties, responsibilities, rights, and privileges that an individual bears within the society and their broader connection to the community. At UCL- TILS Multan, the learning experience goes beyond rote memorization; it cultivates the ability to think, reason, and deliberate akin to a legal & business professional. 

A core driving force behind our exceptional results is the exceptional quality, proficiency, experience, and passion of our faculty. They push the boundaries of your cognitive agility by presenting complex, multifaceted, and realistic scenarios, deepening your grasp of legal & business principles and enriching your academic journey.  

Beyond the classroom, you have the chance to fine-tune your evolving legal skills through engaging in extracurricular pursuits such as law moots, debates, and active participation in our Law & Business Societies. Upon graduation, you'll find a plethora of career opportunities awaiting you in various sectors like law, public policy, academia, and civil service.  

Faraz Qasir  


TILS Multan 

Qualifications we support


LLB Bachelor of Laws

Earn a qualifying law degree at your own pace with the University of London LLB. Dating back to the 1890s, it's highly regarded worldwide.

CertHE Common Law

A respected legal qualification in its own right, and a route into undergraduate-level study for those who may not yet meet the entry requirements for the LLB.

“Opting for TILS Law School for my LLB was a significant choice in my journey towards a legal career. The appeal of a renowned UK university combined with the convenience of staying close to home made the decision clear-cut. As I enter my third year, my time at TILS has consistently been enjoyable, reinforcing my initial choice and fostering a positive academic journey with a focus on success marked by excellent grades.”

Fazal Jami, LLB

Class of 2024

“It gives me an immense pleasure to say with pride that I am pursuing my BBA (Hons) degree from UCL-TILS Multan. My journey here has been nothing short of amazing because the institution provided me with quality education and helped me to enhance my skills and knowledge. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all my teachers and faculty members who have provided me with great support and guidance throughout my journey. The institute has not only improved my learning academically but has also played a key role in improving my overall personality, which will help me to become a successful professional in the future.”

Hadia Khalil, BSc Business Administration (Hons)

Class of 2024