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Universidad de Lima

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Av. Javier Prado Este 4600 Santiago de Surco
Lima 15023

The University of Lima, founded in 1962, is a private, non-profit university. Preparing students within ethical norms and democratic principles is one of its priority objectives. 

Exterior of the campus of Universidad de Lima, 2024

Universidad de Lima campus

In the undergraduate program, we have 12 professional careers (bachelor’s degree): Administration, Economics, Marketing, International Business, Accounting and Finance, Architecture, Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Communication, Psychology, and Law. The graduate school has 8 master's degrees and a doctoral program.

Ulima has extensive participation in internationalization networks. Our graduates are our best references, prepared to lead at a national and international market.  The vocation for service urges the institution to build leaders with a comprehensive vision, committed to the country and willing to decisively contribute to the progress and development of Peruvian society.

Welcome statement

Universidad de Lima is proud to welcome you to a very prestigious and renowned program offered in association with the University of London.

In our pursuit of excellence and the finest learning opportunities for our students, we have joined this program for several years. This is a great challenge that will certainly yield an extraordinary experience for professional growth, a global view of society, and human interaction.

This joint programme aligns with our mission to train leading and creative professionals, autonomous citizens recognized by their achievements and committed to the well-being of society.

We wish you success in your travel into an exceptional international and intercultural experience that will enrich your professional life.

Oscar Quezada Macchiavello

Exterior of Universidad de Lima, 2024

Universidad de Lima exterior

Qualifications we support

Welcome to Universidad de Lima

Universidad de Lima introductory video

“Being a part of the international program at University of London has been an incredible journey of both personal and intellectual growth. The exceptional quality of teaching and learning resources has ignited a passion within me to learn more and to achieve greater things. I am proud to be associated with a university that is committed to making a positive impact in society. The knowledge and skills that I have gained from this program will undoubtedly shape my professional career and life, and I am grateful for this life-changing experience.”

Fabrizio Nicolas Morante Arenaza

BSc Business Administration with International Business, 2025

“I am deeply grateful for having the opportunity of studying at University of London, which has not only given me the necessary skills and abilities to confront the evolving job market, but it has broadened my horizons by learning from professors who have different visions of the world. Being able to participate remotely has allowed me to balance learning with my personal life, family and work experience, by accessing to material and lectures from my hometown with a single click. I strongly recommend this programme for people who are willing to assume a challenge, but that they know it will be an enriching experience for their personal growth.”

Camille Barclay Andrade

BSc Business Administration with Marketing, 2024