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Teaching Centre Recognition Framework

The University of London has a network of over 100 Recognised Teaching Centres in 60 different countries.

Our Teaching Centre Recognition Framework is a mechanism for formally recognising teaching centres offering support for the University’s programmes.

Recognised Teaching Centres must demonstrate that they meet a set of quality criteria in order to be granted, and subsequently maintain, Recognised Teaching Centre status.

Recognised Teaching Centres must demonstrate that they meet these criteria by providing appropriate evidence, and the University monitors Recognised Teaching Centres against these criteria. The Teaching Centre Recognition Framework criteria are listed below.

Teaching Centre Recognition Framework

Recognised Teaching Centres benefit from various privileges offered by the University of London (UOL) such as marketing support, invitations to graduation ceremonies, assistance in preparing documentation for local Higher Education Regulators, access to promotional materials, access to programme resources and a license to use UOL programme materials for teaching purposes

For further information on the Teaching Centre Recognition process, please contact: