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How assessment works

Your course may be assessed in a number of ways, including coursework and exams. You can sit your exams anywhere in the world.

How you are assessed

You could be assessed in a variety of ways including unseen written exams, coursework, online activities (or ‘e-tivities’). Some courses will require you to complete a dissertation or project report.

Where you are assessed

You don't have to come to London to sit your exams! You can sit exams at over 500 approved centres around the world (including local Ministries of Education or the British Council).

These centres are separate from local teaching institutions, and charge a fee for hosting the exam.

When you are assessed

Exams are held throughout the year, depending on your course. Your programme regulations will tell you when your exams will take place.

Exam entry opening dates are listed on our website.

About feedback

Individual feedback on unseen written exams is not provided. However, you will have access to Examiners' Commentaries, which provide detailed feedback for the cohort and may include sample answers from past papers.

Other feedback, for example on coursework submissions, varies from programme to programme.

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