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Development Office Complaints Procedure

The relationship we have with the University’s alumni, friends and supporters is extremely important to us. We aim to provide a service of the highest quality, set out in our Donor Charter, as we fundraise, keep you informed about the University of London and let you know about the benefits and services that are available to you. The University of London is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and is committed to the Fundraising Code of Practice. However, there may be occasions where we do not meet these standards. Occasionally, our services may fall short of your expectations and you may wish to lodge a complaint.


Making a complaint

To make a complaint about the activity of the Development Office, please contact or write to us directly at Development Office, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU UK

The Development Office takes your feedback seriously and we will identify any changes we need to make to our procedures and processes, our contracts with third parties, or the training we provide. After we have received your complaint, the following procedure will apply:

•    Stage 1: We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it. Please note that the University is closed during Easter and Christmas periods. We will try to resolve your complaint on first contact with you. However, if the issues you raise are complex or require further investigation it may take up to 10 working days for us to respond. We will keep you informed throughout this process.
•    Stage 2: If you are not satisfied with our response, you can request that your complaint is escalated. The Stage 2 complaint must be received within 60 working days after the Stage 1 response was received. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days. It will be reviewed by the Director of Compliance and Secretary to the Board of Trustees who will respond to you within 30 working days.
•    If we have been unable to respond to your complaint to your satisfaction, you can refer your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator. For details of their complaints process, please visit the Fundraising Regulator website.

As part of the complaints process:

•    We log and record complaints in line with the Fundraising Regulators guidance. We will retain the records for at least 24 months.
•    Where possible, members of staff will be informed if a complaint is made against them or actions for which they were responsible. Members of staff will have an opportunity to respond to the allegations made.
•    We will acknowledge if mistakes have been made and take proportionate action to put it right including making changes to our procedures and guidance, the service we provide and identifying any training needs.

This procedure covers Development Office activity:

•    If your complaint is in relation to your academic study, please refer to the Procedure for Student Complaints and Academic Appeals.
•    If your complaint is as a visitor to Senate House, please refer to the Visitor Regulations
•    If your complaint is in relation to Student Central, please refer the process which can be found here.