Telephone campaigns are an integral part of the University of London’s regular giving programme. They provide an opportunity for alumni and friends to hear more about our activities and future plans, as well as raise vital funds in support of the University’s strategic needs.

Telephone Appeals
Telephone campaigns support various areas of the University's work

In March and April 2021, the University of London collaborated with CoAltus, a professional fundraising organisation engaged by the University, to call our alumni and friends living in the UK.

These phone calls gave alumni the chance to learn more about what is happening at the University, hear about the benefits and services available to them, and have the opportunity to make a donation in support of the University, should they wish to.

The campaign also gave our callers, all of whom were University of London current students or recent graduates, a valuable opportunity to speak with our alumni and find out where their degree has taken them.  

Thank you 

We would like to say a huge thank you to the 1,200 alumni and friends who took the time to speak with one of our callers. Many of those working on the campaign said how valuable they found the opportunity to speak with alumni and to hear about their experiences after graduation, with one of the calling team inspired to apply for a Masters degree at the School of Advanced Study at the University.

We also extend a sincere thanks to all those who generously made a donation in support of the University. We are delighted to report that the campaign raised over £20,000. These donations will support a number of areas of the University’s work, including providing student scholarships and hardship funds, and supporting the Warburg Renaissance Project.

For more information about the University’s telephone campaigns, please contact Lindsay Triggs, Regular Giving and Stewardship Manager, at or on (0)20 7863 1340. If you are happy to be contacted as part of future telephone campaigns, please ensure that we have your correct contact details by completing our online form.