The Careers Group

Our Staff

Find out about the senior leadership of The Careers Group which includes our director, central services heads, and the heads of our member careers services.

Our Staff

Find out about the senior leadership of The Careers Group which includes our director, central services heads, and the heads of our member careers services.

Kate Daubney: Director of The Careers Group

Kate Daubney smiling against a background of plants with skyscrapers in the background

Kate became Director of The Careers Group in October 2020 after initially joining as Head of King’s Careers & Employability in January 2017, when she joined King’s to lead on the employability aspects of the innovative King’s project of employability-led quality assurance. She has innovated significant work in redefining what we mean by ‘embedded employability’ and is speaking and consulting internationally on applications of this in other universities and in FE and school curriculums. Kate has also extended Gilworth and Thambar’s Careers Registration concept to develop a careers learning gain framework that enables students to self-identify their career readiness and their progress on their career journey following careers service interactions

Magdalen Attwater: Strategic Projects Manager

Magdalen Attwater smiling and wearing a red top

Magdalen is responsible for supporting the delivery of The Careers Group mission through the management of people, budgets, projects, processes and third-party relationships that directly support service delivery in and between, our member institutions, and through the effective promotion of the collective to internal and external audiences.

She works with the Director and other members of the Group Strategic Leadership Team in determining and implementing strategic objectives and projects (where appropriate) to develop and strengthen The Careers Group as a membership organisation. She has line management and strategic leadership of central teams providing support for direct student and employer facing activity - currently Vacancies, IT, and Content and Information. Magdalen takes a lead in managing due diligence, procurement and contracting processes, quality assurance and supports the Director in the management of overall group finances and business continuity planning and risk.

Karen Barnard: Director of UCL Careers

Karen Barnard Director of UCL Careers

Karen has been Director of UCL Careers since 2004, managing the 60-strong careers team. Reporting to the Vice Provost (Education & Student Affairs) and a member of the Education Leadership Team at UCL, she has responsibility for the strategic development of employability education across UCL as well as the operational delivery of all aspects of careers support for the c.42,000 students at UCL, c.5,000 postdoctoral staff and recent alumni. The careers support given by Karen and the careers team is two-fold. There are core services of benefit to all, such as large careers fairs and skill development activities and there are bespoke activities, situated as a partnership with academic departments, tailoring the provision of careers education and guidance to the individual student cohort.

Philippa Hewett: Head of Careers at SOAS

Philippa Hewett wearing a black top against a white background

Philippa joined The Careers Group in 2013 and has been Head of Careers at SOAS since 2014. Prior to SOAS, she worked in Harrods as a management trainee,  BT Global as a Quality Consultant, Concert (BT and AT&T Joint Venture) as Head of Execution, as an independent Change Management consultant and finally retrained as a teacher in 2010, so one thing she is good at is understanding a portfolio career approach!

The team in SOAS works closely with academic colleagues to deliver evidence-based support for students and graduates: SOAS is one of the few institutions that allows graduate access to Careers advice for life. As an early adopter of Careers Registration, we have been able to show the 'golden thread' that links advanced career thinking to graduate outcomes. We also ask graduates at graduation where their carer thinking is so we can get a complete picture of their thinking over time: this also enables us to offer support to those most in need at that point.

Gemma Kenyon: Head of Careers at City, University of London

Gemma Kenyon smiling in a City, University of London building

Gemma manages the careers service at City, University of London. Gemma leads a team of over 25 staff working in all functions of the careers service; careers guidance, employer engagement, the Unitemps recruitment agency and information. Gemma leads strategic planning within the university in regards to the career development and employability of City students and recent graduates. Gemma has worked in diverse Higher Education careers services since 2009.


Her educational background is Occupational Psychology including psychometric testing and she has completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Careers Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education. Gemma is part of The Careers Group Senior Management Team and the Senior Leadership Team of the Student and Academic Services directorate at City.

Victoria Wade: Head of University of London Careers Service

Victoria Wade smiling against a black background

Victoria heads up the Careers Services of the ten specialist University of London institutions, Doctoral Training Partnerships and non-federal institutions that make up Education Consultancy. She is responsible for strategic management and operational delivery as well as managing a split-site teams.  Victoria builds and maintains relationships with institutional stakeholders and works in conjunction with her team to ensure that they provide transformational, student-focused services. Victoria also sits on the Senior Management Team and has responsibility for key strategic projects run by the central team. Victoria has worked for The Careers Group since 2011 and prior to this, she was Associate Director for a Market Research organisation.  

David Winter: Head of Research and Organisational Development

David Winter indoors, smiling, wearing a pinkish top

David’s role is to enable The Careers Group achieve its mission of making our member services the best they can be by putting in place strategies, structures and systems that encourage excellence. This involves developing our capacity to undertake and apply research to our activities, encouraging ongoing professional development and sharing of best practice, and ensuring that we have up-to-date resources and innovative methods for delivering our services. In practice, that means he spends a lot of time finding ways to make it easier for talented but busy people to do things that increase their expertise.