Sustainable events in London

When it comes to sustainable events in London, we’re leading the field and are proud of our green event practices and credentials.  

  • Located centrally with fantastic public transport links 
  • A zero to landfill policy 
  • We create some of our own energy with our solar panels 
  • Bees are located on our roof to improve biodiversity

Waste reduction

Whilst we encourage each guest in our building to follow the principles of Reduce Reuse Recycle and finally dispose, we operate a zero to landfill policy for the waste that we are unable to be recycle. 

Steps have been taken to reduce the waste that is generated at events. We no longer provide plastic water bottles to delegates, instead we ensure water is freely available at our water stations. Only reusable cutlery is provided, and our hospitality suppliers ensure the food packaging we use is fully recyclable. 


The University of London has purchased all energy from renewable sources and maintain a heating and cooling policy that reduces the unnecessary use of the energy and emissions. Solar panels on the roof of Senate House ensure that our own electricity is generated and that goes towards lighting and heating the building.  

Outdoor spaces

University of London Venues also has several outdoor venues which are biodiverse green spaces. Torrington Square has a series of planters, some of which have been planted by our beekeeper. They have kept a focus on selecting the correct plants for the bees. Woburn Square has a perimeter of daffodils, and Gordon square has an array of wildflowers. They provide pollinators food which is important for the general environment, especially as London has many areas that can be considered a biodiversity dessert.   

These parks are visited and pollinated by our bees which live at the top of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies building just off Russell Square. An expert grounds team maintain the spaces and utilise a fully electric fleet. 

People wearing protective clothing opening a bee hive
People wearing protective clothing opening a bee hive
People wearing protective clothing holding up a bee hive
Solar panels on the top of a building
Solar panels on the top of a building