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Virtual Undergraduate Linguistics Taster Course: What isn’t in a name? The linguistics of Pokémon - UC22973


Join the UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences to find out more about studying Linguistics at university on this virtual taster course delivered by Dr Andrew Lamont, Lecturer in Linguistics at UCL. 

Words are typically arbitrary sequences of sounds; why should cat mean what it does? Even when there are meaningful patterns, speakers may not be consciously aware of them. For example, have you ever noticed that words that begin with gl usually refer to light? These patterns often seem non-arbitrary, but they exhibit cross-linguistic variation in the same way that words do. In Latin, words that begin with gl often refer to the throat. This talk explores the universal and language-specific sound patterns found in Pokémon names that encode things such as the size, weight, and evolution level of characters.

You will also have an opportunity to ask our academic staff questions about UCL's linguistics undergraduate programmes and what it's like to be a student here.

Applications for this taster course are now closed.