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Beaconhouse International College

Recognised Teaching Centre

Beaconhouse International College is an initiative of Beaconhouse Group Pakistan. Established in 1975, Beaconhouse is one of the largest education providers of the World with over 350,000 students studying in eight countries.  The aspiration of launching Beaconhouse International College Faisalabad is to provide borderless, world-class higher education to students so to enable them to study a globally recognized University of London degree at our exclusive undergraduate campus in Faisalabad.

Welcome from the centre

For many decades now, Beaconhouse has been at the forefront of K-12 teaching and learning. We are tremendously proud of the contributions our students have made to Pakistan and the wider world. It is our hope that, through these programmes, we will be able to address pressing needs for trained professionals in a variety of disciplines. We intend to combine our expertise and experience with that of University of London. This synthesis of experience should provide students with the springboard they need to be valuable contributors to the global economy in the 21st century, and to their own country. Every programme in the Beaconhouse International College will focus on in-depth analysis, practical real world experience, and will help students develop the skills and attributes required for success in their future professions.


We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.